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AC safety capacitors

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Characteristics Scope of application
Y1 series ●High temperature load: 125 ° C, 1000 hours
●Moisture resistance load: 40 ° C, 90% ~ 95% RH, 500 hours
●Temperature cycle: -40 ° C ~ +125 ° C, 5 cycles
●Overseas safety specification(CQC、VDE、 CSA、KTL、ENGC)
●Outer packaging resin material: UL94 V-0 flame retardant epoxy resin.
Insulation class: reinforced insulation
Dielectric strength: 4000V
① Power circuit noise suppression circuit for electronic equipment
② Suitable for AC line filters and AC adapter primary-secondary coupling
③ Switching power supply, electronic ballast, LED power supply
Y2 series Insulation class: basic insulation
Dielectric strength: 2500V
① Power circuit noise suppression circuit suitable for electronic equipment
② Can be used as an antenna coupling jumper and bypass circuit in various small appliance control panels
③ Power filter, high frequency AC load, switching power supply, electronic ballast, LED energy saving lamp

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